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Inclusio is a new multi-resident facility in Calgary that provides homes to 45 low-income Calgarians with limited mobility. These are people who have persevered through unexpected events that resulted in mobility challenges or lived their whole lives with serious medical conditions, like Spina Bifida. Inspired by their determination, resilience, and courage, Inclusio fosters a sense of possibility and strength. They provide an environment that encourages autonomy, connection and a feeling of home.

The Schulman Design team is designing and finishing one of the only remaining areas for residents, the Wellness Room.

The wellness room features a therapeutic bathing system that is flexible and compatible with a range of transport and lifting aids that cover all resident mobility levels. The hydrotherapy tub was donated by the estate of a former Accessible Housing employee named Sharon. Sharon worked at Accessible Housing for many years and was a talented and compassionate staff member. Before her passing, she made arrangements for part of her estate to be donated back to Accessible Housing.

We are doing this work pro-bono to make it the ultimate experience for residents, so they can pamper themselves with therapeutic healing. Here’s a bit more about the project:

  • The Wellness Room is approximately 300 square feet and is currently empty with plain painted walls.
  • Our vision is to make it beautiful, relaxing, and most importantly functional and comfortable for residents to enjoy.
  • We will completely transform the space with new furniture, fixtures, décor, and supplies for residents (e.g., towels, bath mitts, housecoats).

We want to help take Inclusio’s vision to the next level by offering residents a truly unbelievable experience. If you are interested in contributing to this important and innovative endeavour, please contact us at 403-261-0088.

Inclusio is run by Accessible Housing, a non-profit organization and registered charity with a mandate to open doors for people with limited mobility to enhance dignity through accessible homes that are appropriate and affordable.

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