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This 10,000 square foot custom-built home will allow our client, a couple in their early 70s, to enjoy their last chapter of life, easily, safely and independently. Through a holistic design solution, they will be able live at home forever, regardless of what medical conditions they may encounter. This is their dream home to enjoy life with their large extended family as they age in place and within their current community.
This home will create a sense of belonging, safety and care through its unique and adaptable design features. The inclusive and accessible design includes:

  • Caregiver’s suite
  • Indoor pool and physiotherapy areas
  • Telehealth technology
  • Wheelchair friendly entrances, walk-ways and washrooms
  • Wider doorways
  • Curbless shower, walk-in bathtub
  • Adaptable spaces to accommodate mobility changes
  • Accessible faucets, light switches and outlets
  • Indoor elevator
  • Millwork and cabinetry solutions for height and reach variations
  • Custom furniture for future medical equipment
  • High contrast décor with visual cues
  • Heated driveway to reduce snow and ice build-up
  • Large windows, paved pathways and outdoor decks to enjoy the sun
    and landscape (while inside or outside) and move freely in a wheelchair

These high-end features are integrated seamlessly into the home to make it warm, beautiful and inviting without feeling like a modified home or medical facility.