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Major construction projects, such as undergoing a significant renovation or building from the ground up, are as challenging as they are fulfilling. Much like a marriage, they involve a shared dream, ongoing care and commitment, and a willingness to flex in times of change and challenge.

Helping my clients achieve their dreams—from start to finish—is incredibly gratifying for me as a designer. But it doesn’t happen by chance. The Schulman Design team is integrally involved in every step of the construction process to ensure nothing goes sideways with the functionality and beauty of your design.

Recently, a client who completed an extensive kitchen renovation reminded me of the value we bring when working closely with the trades during construction. They wrote:

“…issues arose during the renovation that Margot anticipated, and we ended up asking her to assume the role of a contractor for that job. She was able to foresee and avoid further problems, many of which some people would consider minor, but were often the things that made the clever design features work best for a functional, beautiful living space. We could have prevented these inconveniences had we hired Margot at the outset to oversee the trades and ensure our shared concept and vision was executed efficiently and professionally…”

-Dr. Debra and Mr. David Putnam

Schulman Design collaborates with the construction team to ensure on-site specs are correct and that items are correctly installed. Based on our extensive experience, we know unforeseen site conditions and constraints happen, and we can adapt design elements to meet construction milestones. We remain intimately involved to ensure that the project is delivered on-time and within budget.

There will always be unexpected hiccups along the way, but we take the time to monitor progress throughout the lifecycle of the project to proactively address minor issues before they become major delays or expenses.

If you’re thinking about a new construction project or renovation, be sure to ‘engage’ us early on to discuss your needs. As the saying goes, “it’s always too early, until it’s too late.”