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My interior design work is much more than a job; it’s like a calling. I do what I do because I am inspired by the strength in humanity and the unbelievable feats people with physical and cognitive challenges achieve. I enjoy designing spaces that meet their challenges and provide an invisible ease. Every so often, a person or organization ignites a passion in me to pursue projects that better the lives of others. Here’s an example:

Recently, the Schulman Design team visited Inclusio—a new multi-resident facility in Calgary. We were impressed with the amazing work they are doing for 45 low-income Calgarians with limited mobility like Jason featured above. The people who live there have persevered through devastating accidents or unexpected illnesses that impacted their mobility. Some have lived their whole lives with serious medical conditions, like Spina Bifida.

We were immediately compelled to help them by designing and finishing their Wellness Room because it needs to be brought to life. Its main purpose is a therapeutic bathing system that works with different types of lifting aids for all resident mobility levels. A compassionate occupational therapist donated the hydrotherapy tub for Accessible Housing after her passing. She dedicated her life to helping people remain in their homes after disabling injuries or illnesses.

We are donating our design expertise make the Wellness Room an ultimate experience for residents so that they can pamper themselves with therapeutic healing. We want them to have an immersive experience that doesn’t feel medical or institutional. We will completely transform the space with new furniture, fixtures, décor, and supplies for residents. Our vision is to create a real spa experience that is beautiful, relaxing, and most importantly functional and comfortable for residents and care partners to enjoy.

We are truly grateful for our health, well-being, and all that we have. That’s why we are giving a gift that gives back, and looking for like-minded people to help us with this special endeavour. If you’d like to contribute your time or supplies to help make this project a success, call us at 403-261-0088.

To learn more about Inclusio and Accessible Housing, please visit their website. And you can read more about Jason here.