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  • Alberta’s seniors’ population will nearly double in the next 20 years, reaching 6.2 million by 2041
  • 7 baby boomers turn 65 every minute
  • 9 in 10 older adults want to live in their homes as long as possible
  • 1 in 3 people 65+ years old will experience mobility or cognitive challenges

I want to live my best life at any age. I’ve never understood our culture’s fear of getting older. Each year is a brand-new journey, from the time we are born, to when we blossom into adults at age 18, to our mid-life adventures, to the wise years in our 60’s and beyond. We should continue to experience our world with curiosity, energy, and hope during every life transition, at every step of the way.

That’s why Schulman Design was so passionate about working with Caregiver Omnimedia to bring the Aging in Place Home Modification Conference to Calgary on April 11. Our homes are a sanctuary for physical and social well-being. We love our homes but it’s important that they love us back. Our goal is to raise awareness about the importance of accessible design for people of all ages. Remaining in our homes and communities is proven to lead to better health outcomes.

Many families experience unexpected life events when a loved one is in an accident or develops a serious illness. Their only option is to react to the situation, which is never easy. We want people to be prepared. It costs about $1,000 a day to house a senior in a Calgary medical ward—we can no longer rely on this method of care. Aging affects all of us as care providers, community and family members, industry partners and taxpayers.

My clients (and family members!) have significant mobility needs, resulting from health issues, surgeries and accidents. Even I have had mobility challenges at points in my life. Between the costs of institutional care, waiting lists and the desire to remain with our loved ones in our communities, we can no longer afford to neglect this issue. This is the human rights issue of our time.

The Conference will address the critical issues of home modification funding, regulations and standards, and industry approaches with experts in the industry who are stepping up to tackle this important issue.

As co-lead for this event, speakers who are joining me include:

  • Don Fenn, President, Caregiver Omnimedia and Founder, Home Modification Canada
  • Dianne L. Himbeault, Knowledge Transfer Specialist, CMHC
  • Bard Golightly, CHBA, Home Modification Council
  • Byron Brooks, Brookwright Developments
  • Dr. Carrie Scarff, Director of Audiology/Owner, Audiology Innovations
  • Jessica Power Cyr, Wellness Director, The Glencoe Club
  • Marnie Courage, Director and Inclusive Design Consultant, Enabling Access
  • Lesya Dyk, President – Clinical Director, Lesya Dyk OT Services
  • Mary Lynne Stewart, March of Dimes Canada, National Director Fund Development and Communications
  • Vivianne Gauci, Vice President, Marketing, HomeEquity Bank

Who should consider attending this conference? Anyone who is aging or knows someone who is. Let’s curate the human spirit together!

Here’s a link to more information and online registration. Use the promo code: SDIRATE for a reduced rate!